Currently the drama program is working on two separate plays.

Cali Parker And Rylan Price are working on a play titled Everybody Should Love Somebody by Adam Sharp. This is the play that we will take to regional and hopefully state competition next month. It is the story of a young married couple, Tom and Kelly, celebrating their anniversary. Tom (Rylan) and Kelly (Cali) exchange gifts in celebration. Tom delivers some very underwhelming gifts, but Kelly's gift is a surprise that will change both their lives forever.
We will not know where or when we will perform this show, but it will be judged for our performance at regionals. If we make the top two in our region it will be selected to perform at the state competition.

The second play we are working on is our Halloween Show. The play is titled Thursday Meets The Wolfman and is written by Willard Simms. This play is a comedy about two police officers played by Lake McClary and Kenneth Vantassel who are trying to solve a rather strange case of murder and thieverythat has been perpetrated by a large, stockey, and hairy fellow with massive claws and fangs. They encounter a wide variety of strange witnesses and citizens before the final showdown with the criminal!